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 We are so excited to plant our garden this year.  We are trying a few new items, but definitely going with some tried and true veggies.  The Flat of Italy onions grew wonderfully - we loved them.  I am such a nerd...but I love cooking with things I've grown!

 The Buff Contender beans grew really well last year, but the Violet Jasper tomato is new to us this year.  Lindsay and I like unusual looking but normal veggies.  

 We had trouble with peppers last year - hoping they will do better this year. 

The carrots did well too, in fact yesterday Lindsay pulled one from the garden!  We have had such a mild winter.  Our famous ground hog says six more weeks of winter, with as mild as it has been, there are no tears here!  The broccoli grew well too, but that freak snowstorm in October killed it.  We are going to try to do an early planting and a fall planting.

Our other tried and true veggies are the yellow summer squash, Blue Lake green beans, spinach, lettuce, parsley, cilantro.  

This last year we had a prolific crop of grape tomatoes, which we love, but our bigger tomatoes took forever to ripen....

What veggies do you grow?  What have been successes and/or failures?  What are your plans for your garden this year?


  1. Sounds exciting. I can't wait to plant again as well. For us here in California we plant in March So I want to get plants ready. I had a hard time with a lot of things the weather just wasn't warm enough everything came late including the tomatoes which produced way late. We barely have had rain this winter. I did pull a large batch of carrots and they were wonderful ... Hoping you have a wonderful garden. with love Janice

  2. I'm letting the apple mint "kind of" take over the little herb raised bed garden. Whatever survives around it I'll keep (the thyme seems to do well there).

    Otherwise, I was inspired by a PBS gardening show to grow more herbs on my deck along with the flowers.

    I'll have to keep them up high so our resident rodents can't get to them (however cute squirrels and chipmunks are... they do like my produce).

  3. No veggies...well, a bit of lettuce, some green peppers, and herbs, but no room for veggies. I could plant a garden at the Ponderosa, though the deer would eat it all. I'll enjoy watching your endeavors.

  4. I am fascinated by gardening, but have never had one of my own.

  5. These packets of seed have got me excited, we will be ordering ours this week, and as with every year, we have success and failures. The one plant we have had trouble with for the past two years has been our green beans, just can't seem to get them to produce. I am sure we will be comparing our gardens this year. We will be planting our English peas soon.
    Good luck and happy gardening!

  6. I just can't wait to see pictures of your garden. You will keep us updated on its progress, won't you? Please? I may even get inspired to do more than tend my herbs!

  7. we planted our first garden last year! The tomatoes came out delish but a terrible storm destroyed our corn which had been looking great! We did well with herbs tho! Enjoy your time in the dirt!


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