Last Evening...

We had 13 people at the table for dinner.  I cooked a ham and made some cheesy potatoes and also green beans.  It was a lot of fun to have my parents, Nate and Denny enjoy dinner with us.  We did a lot of talking! 

After dishes were all done, Emily got Kyle to help her make Cappuccino muffins.  I had asked her to make some the other day to have on hand for breakfasts and snacks.


Sarah made a fresh pot of coffee

 Kamryn was having fun at the table...
 I couldn't get her to hold still...

 These two were hanging out in the living room -

 So were they!  My favorite dad brought me See's Candy!  Out of his own share of a box they ordered online!  California Brittle!  The best candy ever!  That is why he is my favorite!

 As you can see Sarah was getting around - she actually had to plug Grandma's ipod in to charge it so she moved over to sit by Kay and the computer! :)  Our family loves technology!

 Great Grandma was taking advantage of Kamryn wanting to be held...

 Denny was watching Bocce Ball videos on YouTube.

It was a really good day - I got to go to a wholesale place with Becky - I found some nice earrings for the store, she found some great things for her candles, I got to spend time with my parents, have a big family dinner, hang out and talk and then watch Goodbye Mr. Chips - the 1939 version.  This is a really neat movie.

Today I need to run Rachel to the dentist - she chipped her tooth again, then I am going into the store.  It is a short day, and the kids are being left with school work that they can do under Emily and Lindsay's supervision, besides math it will be an art, music and learning games day!  Those are fun!
We are supposed to get some snow this afternoon.  Kind of crazy since it has been 51 degrees the last two days....

What are you up to?


  1. What a delightful & full day you describe!

    I played a little "catch up" having been downed with a bit of stomach flu Sunday & Monday. Hubby and I celebrated his birthday one day late with his coupon for a free dinner at a local restaurant. Last night I played piano with the praise team as we practiced for Sunday worship service.

    Today, I've been invited to view The Help--a few hours with some girlfriends, lunch included.

    That's about "it"!

  2. What a full day! You know how to do it all...

    We're off today, too. I'll have my camera with me.

    Crazy weather!

  3. I can just imagine what fun you all were having! Life is made of these together times...

    (LOVE Kyle's guy apron! He is too cute!)

  4. What a wonderful time! And what a blessing that your family is close enough to gather and loves each other enough to want to! I feel rich indeed each time mine gathers.

    Blessings, Debbie


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