We Have More Than We Need

I was reading a great post over at Melissa's lovely blog this morningIt was by Meagan Francis of The Happiest Mom.  I have never read her blog before, but what she spoke about had me nodding in agreement and got my brain going.

In our culture, we get the message that we must have more, be more, do more....

Our homes, our lives, our clothes, our blogs must be a certain way or we certainly can't be happy or satisfied with it all.

We are some of the world's wealthiest people. Our poorest people here have so much more than many folks around the world. 

A few years back, my younger girls and I were talking at bedtime.  I regularly climb on their bed at night and we talk for a while before I pray with them.  This particular night they were talking about how they wanted their own bedrooms, etc.  I listened for a while - it's okay for a kid to dream - but when the tone got 'poor me-ish', I said, "Hold on!  Let's just think about all that you have.  In fact, you have so much, it is spilling out onto your floor!"

I proceeded to have the each say three things they had that were a blessing, not a need.  Now often when I pray with them I start out thanking God for all we have and I make a list:

A warm and cozy home.

Food to eat.

Clean water to drink.

Water than we can access by turning on a faucet.  We didn't have to walk to creek and bring it back by the bucket full.



A bed with a mattress.

The cushy 2 inch memory foam on the bed.

Warm blankets.



Books to read.

Stories and music to listen to.


Two vehicles.



Our cat.

Our health.


We have so much more than we need, or deserve and I want to remember and I want my children to remember to be THANKFUL and to know who it comes from.

Making our list at least once a week helps us to keep it all in perspective. It helps me to be grateful.

When I read other blogs and see the amazing houses, or fantastic gardens, I can truly enjoy them and be inspired by them, but I am not envious, because God has been teaching my heart to rejoice and give thanks for what I have.

It is so much more than we need.


  1. So glad I had time to stop by early this morning to read this!!!
    Perfect, true, honest and a great motivator to be thankful for what we have instead of complaining of what we DON'T have or what we WANT!

    Great words!
    Lovely Post!

    Love & Prayers,

  2. I love the idea of being purposeful in our listing of provisions when we pray with our children. We adults are more mature and more readily realize what we have (not to say that the envy bug doesn't occasionally bite if we aren't careful) and pray our list of thanks always. But our children benefit when we customize the thank you prayer to their particular provisions. Grat thought shared here Deanna!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. A good word. I also read that article and thought it was good. On the other hand, I grew up in a home that looked as if a bomb had been tossed on any given day. (My parents were always working on some sort of project or other.) So there's a balance to be achieved. Slow and steady, but not so slow that children never have any sense of normalcy. I don't know what I'm trying to say so will shut up now. =)

    I've had my own room and not had my own room. I prefer not having my own room. OOps, I said that I was going to be quiet.

  4. I've been teaching a Creative Writing class, and one day each week, I have them write what I call "a thankful page" where they list all the things they are thankful for! I have found it really improves their writing! It helps put their hearts in the right frame of mind!

    I love your post! It's beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  5. Thank you for linking to this post at The Inspired Room. Such insight! Much to ponder.

    I, too, love your idea of having your children articulate their thanks. There is soooooo much for which we can be thankful...and I believe it gives us a different attitude when we voice our thanks.

    "Godliness with contentment is great gain."

  6. Just hopped over fro reading The inspired Room post on the secret of being content. My prayers are like yours and I feel truly blessed as a result.

  7. So true, we do have more than most people in other countries. We should all be grateful for what we have. There's a fine balance to be maintained between being grateful and yet still striving for more.

  8. Oh Deanna, this is just SO GOOD! Amen and Amen!!!

  9. Well said. I am not envious either because I have so much as it is. I may live in a run down beat up old place but it is mine.


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