The Weekend Didn't Go Exactly As I Planned...

 This is just a fun photo that has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but in a way is a preview if you see all the mud under the snow.

We have had a mild winter here in Lancaster County.  Really mild, but we have continued with the rainy pattern that started mid August.  So, though we have enjoyed many sunny, mild days that felt like spring, we also have not had the blessing of frozen ground.  That means parts of the pasture are a huge muddy, wet mess, some of the yard is squishy, and lots of the lovely stuff is being dragged in on a daily basis.  Joy.

 Remember how I did that sweet post about Tim being under the weather and resting on Saturday?  Well, I ended up in the store on Saturday since Lindsay was under the weather as well.

 I called home to find out how everyone was doing.  Was Dad resting?  

 No, Dad was clearing out somethings in the pasture and making a burn pile.  Did I mention it was rainy and snowy?

 Emily likes to help her Dad outside.  Here she is working to get a huge grapevine out of a tree...

 Yeah, she's a bit nutsy...

 Look how wet and muddy it is in this low section...

 There is our Christmas tree on the pile - it's been out in the pasture for the last month and a half.

I won't tell you that they nearly forgot to come get me, and that no one made dinner, so guess who cooked dinner after being in the store all day....sigh.

I will say that he did rest on Sunday and even stayed home with those with poison ivy, colds and general not feeling well stuff.  Only Emily, Kyle and I went to church.  Then we went to lunch with friends, while the gang at home got subs with our friend Denny.  

We spent the evening watching Dr. Who - with David Tennant.  Lindsay's friend Sarah got her the complete David Tennant years for her birthday.  Even those non sci-fi fans here are really enjoying it.

So while the weekend didn't go as planned, it was still good.


  1. Poison ivy??? In this season??? (Was that NOT a grapevine she was wrangling from the tree?)

  2. Praying that you all start feeling better soon!!

  3. Cute snowman. This was so sweet, it brought back memories for me of my dad and I. I was his helper when he was working, and always enjoyed being with him. Not resting is something my dh would have done if i left too. Hope all are feeling so much better. Our winter has been way to mild too.
    Enjoy your week,

  4. That often happens doesn't not going according to plans? Kind of challenging to us planner types, huh? Sigh...
    I have to remember that I want to be in HIS plan...and then mine doesn't really matter! (I forget sometimes. Too often?)

    Am I correct in guessing that your Emily is a life-of-the-party type of girl? She sure is making that work look like fun!

  5. It certainly sounds like a busy weekend. All that mud...guess we have to go through the mud to get to a real spring.


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