Kamryn Is Two

She got to eat all her favorite foods...especially cherry tomatoes and strawberries...

 Fun birthday cupcakes, made by me, frosted by Kayleigh and Rachel...

Tim and I got her a Cozy Coupe!  She loved it!  Her Mommy and Daddy got her the cutest 3 wheeled scooter so she can scooter with aunties and Uncle Kyle but she would not get out of the car!

She car turn the key...

Auntie Em got her the cutest green sandals!  
An adorable red dress from Auntie Rachel...Sarah made her a book, and Kyle gave her bubbles....it's just that so many of the photos are blurry....she was moving and so excited!

A shot of the party house after the chaos had died down...try to image 4 excited and loving Aunties, one hyper Uncle, a Great Grandpa and Grandma, a Grandpa and Grandma, and an Uncle Denny!  Such a thrilling birthday!

We praise the Lord for the gift of her life and for the precious little girl that Kamryn is.

She's a keeper!


  1. Kamryn is so pretty. Hard to believe she is two already.

  2. What a fun celebration of Kamryn! Those cupcakes turned out to be quite the show-stealers...although I am sure that Kamryn was the real star of the show! (And the Crazy Coupe...)

  3. Happy Birthday to sweet Kamryn!! Those cupcakes must have tasted as good as they looked.

  4. Well what gal doesn't love a new car?! She's not a baby anymore...though she's still a real cutie pie.

  5. What a fun party. You can tell and see that she is well loved. =)


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