Seeing God's Hand At Work

Do you remember last year when we had to have our refrigerator repaired?  It was going to be expensive and then someone mentioned an independent repair man who was able to fix it for much less.  Tim gave this man a call, he looked at our air conditioning unit and it is going to be fixed this weekend for a fraction of what the bigger companies were going to charge.  The estimates were for $1500 and up, and maybe you should just replace it because it is 10 years old....God is so very good.

Did I mention here that I had been having phone issues?  My faithful cell phone stopped working.  It was old and tired.  I could have upgraded it last year but didn't.  Tim dug and old one out and I used that for a while until it stopped working too.  So for Mother's Day he, Lindsay and Emily paid for me to upgrade to an iPhone 4s!  

It came yesterday and I got it all set up except that it keeps telling me that I have no service even though all the cell phones in our house are busy being used all day and night!  Also, I can't get my contacts from my old phone to the new one....kind of a problem.  When I called the woman on the phone with a very heavy accent said that I needed to take it to the nearest AT&T store, so that is what I am going to do.  I think my Mom had this issue too.  They will be able to help me out!  Right?  I hope so!

Sometimes everything comes at us at once and we shake our heads and say "Really?"  It is comforting to know that God is with us and that these are such minor issues in the grand scheme of life.  Many people in the world live without these issues though because they don't have the privilege of having either air conditioning or cell phones!  An interesting thing though is that Tim, Lindsay and Emily said that nearly all the adults living in the African village Tim grew up in now had cell phones and electricity!

So today, I give thanks once again as I see God's hand at work on our behalf, especially with the A/C.  I am thankful that he allowed us to stay comfortable even through the heat and that it has cooled down a lot.  Storms are headed our way today and summer is on it's way.  I am thankful for air conditioning.  I am thankful for my new phone.  God could have chosen, for my good, to not have us repair the a/c and to have me have a not as fun phone.  It would have been okay, and what I needed.

He is good.


  1. All the time...He is good!

    I'm so glad you are, or will soon be, back in comfortable A/C.

    Didn't see you yesterday.....?

  2. Is it true that we can always see how the Lord worked a thing through looking back? I think so. Wish that I always remembered that fact in the moment.

    (My apologies for being stuck here. I had a hair appt. and dashed out the door without shutting things down properly.)

  3. Thank the Lord for how things turned out! But you're right...even if it had turned out differently, God's grace would make it all okay.

    I need to memind myself of that when I am fretting over the temperamental AC in our vehicles...and when I'm waiting to hear about decisions that are out of my control...and on and on. His ways are not our ways.

    Enjoy your cool-ish weekend. You'll be soaking it in!

  4. We just recently went through something similar.

    I haven't mentioned on my blog, yet, but our car turned out not to be able to be fixed. It had to be sold for scrap.

    We're borrowing Christopher's car until mid-June.

    Such lessons for learning to depend on Him for provision.

    I told hubby about what happened with your AC unit. It made him laugh and cringe, knowing the cost involved.

  5. God is always so faithful, and how happy He must be when we take the time to say "Thank you", as you have done.
    Enjoy your new phone, cool air and your week.

  6. What a great gift! Make sure to take your old cell phone with you to the store so they can transfer the contacts into your new phone.


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