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I just spent 15 minutes looking at photos online of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado.  We're praying that God will send rain or that He will cause the winds to change and the fire will burn back onto itself and burn out.  Like always with wildfires, there are neighborhoods that are completely destroyed and some where there are random houses burned while the neighbors house stands.

I am so amazed by the Supreme Court decision yesterday, but in the midst of this, I am holding on to the one who holds the future.  God is in control.

Our garden is a mess - we have lettuce.  We have learned so much this year.  I am ordering more seeds and we will see what else we can plant and harvest still, this year.  

I finally printed some chore charts for the kids and they seem to be working well!  This is a huge step toward better organization around here and jobs getting done without Mom having to remember to tell them to do their jobs!

Lindsay's horse Sandy freaked out the other day while being tethered in the yard to eat grass along the creek and got some bad rope burns just about her hoofs.  This caused some swelling of one of her back legs.  Lindsay used triple antibiotic ointment and bandages and ice packs, to treat her.  She would bandage, or air out the wounds, use the ice packs or let it rest, all while having Sandy isolated in her stall.  We knew the other day that she was on the mend when she started getting bored and making noise!  Her swelling is nearly gone now and the rope burns are healing and scabbing over.  We are thankful.

Today is my big shopping day.  It is also going to be 96 degrees!  Yikes - thankful for my van A/C!  I take a cooler with me in the summer as I am out for hours and hit 3 different places for groceries and do other errands.  I use ice packs in cooler bags as well, and keep meats, dairy products, and eggs nice and cold.

I am thankful for my family. We are not perfect in any way, but that is not our goal.  Our goal is to honor God with our lives. We fall short of that frequently, and I am grateful for fresh mercies, every morning.

I am seeing delightful growth in my children in all areas - emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Rachel is officially taller than me and we think she may end up being the tallest sister.  We'll see though as we though Lindsay was going to be tall and she leveled out at 5'4".  

We have two birthdays coming up in the family.  Sarah will be 10 on July 11th.  She is having a pool party at Camp Geezer.  Kyle will be 7 on August 3rd.  I have no babies left.  They are all big kids now.  This is surprising to me at times, but I try to welcome each season of life as it comes.  I am a grandma, ya know!

Well, I need to head out soon. I am dropping girls off at work and the kids off to Camp Geezer to swim.  Tim is working second shift so he is headed out this morning for breakfast with our friends Mike and Denny.  

So much on my heart to ponder while I am out.

Have a delightful day!


  1. The fires in Colorado are on all of our minds... My brother-in-law has family there, the "little boy next door" is there. Oh such a lot of heartache. And the decision yesterday sent us into a tizzy. We know God is still in control and we trust Him to work it all out. I've heard and read so many theories...

    Say, my dear friend, be looking for a couple of emails. Thanks so much for helping me with my giveway!

  2. I just wrote a post about our lettuce. It was such a success growing it from seed that I'd like to plant some in fall.

    What shocked me about yesterday's ruling was having ROBERTS on the liberal side. I lost all respect for him.

    Praying for Colorado! I'm sure you saw the same pictures with entire suburban neighborhoods burned to the ground.

  3. I enjoyed reading your potpourri post. :o)

    I am praying for the fires too...

    And I'm glad your daughter's horse is on the mend.

  4. I do like "this and that" types of posts. It's kind of like sitting with a friend and having a chat about the things that are going on in her life.

    I had to enter "Camp Geezer" in your blog's "search" feature. What fun to find out that it is your parents' place! :D

    Glad to know that Lindsay's horse is healing. When you are an animal lover, it is so hard to see them suffering.

    Hope you survived the heat today as you shopped for groceries. Whew, it was a hot one here!

  5. as to the supreme court decision, chief justice roberts voted in such a way as to bring light to the hefty taxes and that with a 51% vote (which is all that is needed and the repubs have the upper hand), it will be defeated. pray .. and wait. :o)

    i love your post. would love to take a little stroll and hear your voice share..

  6. Enjoyed your this and that post, we have been praying for those affected by the fires, And I am so thankful that I know who is in charge too! I am so glad that Lindsay's horse is doing better, we had a little mishap with one of our donkeys this week she is doing better too! Antibiotic ointment is such a great blessing!.
    Enjoy your day, and stay cool.


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