Rainy Tuesday

What to do on a rainy day.....

Dishes have been done.  

I've laundered my bathroom rug...why I ever chose white I'll never know.  I've found a dark moss green one at Target that I would like to get when they go on sale.  I do not want to pay $40 for a bathroom rug.  The white one took a beating on Sunday when we hosted our church for the afternoon...think lots of feet, feet that walked in the creek, played ultimate frisbee, shot airsoft guns in the horse pasture, picked mulberries...yeah.  White.  I must have had a momentary lapse, that's it, a momentary lapse.  And in the spirit of keeping it real - my own family does a number on it every week!

Moving on...I've made lunch, planned dinner, lit candles.  I do love Candles burning on a rainy day.

 My favorite candles...the Etsy store is on my sidebar.

My Mom is here today, hanging out and playing games - Skip Bo, Scum...Kyle and Sarah have cleaned the door knobs and wiped all the interior doors and door jams.  

Kamryn likes to play Angry Birds on my phone or my Mom's phone.  When she see us she comes and says "bird, bird".  She sends the birds flying the wrong direction but she loves it!  Funny girl.  Speaking of her, she is going to be two on Friday!  So amazing!  It is crazy to me that her father is 23 but her being two?  Wow!  We've bought her a Cozy Coupe.  She'll love that for outside when the kids are riding bikes.

This is a photo of her in all her deliciousness on Easter...

I did manage to dodge some rain drops earlier and cut some flowers from my garden.

 These hydrangea are all from the same plant!  Different colors and sizes...so beautiful.

 The feverfew is abundant this year!  I love the way it looks when it is in jars....and it is sweet in the garden, too.

Well, I guess I have rambled enough.  The rain is still falling, but that's okay, I might sneak a nap...perfect day for it...


  1. Have you thought of dying your rug??

    We have a new game to teach your mom and dad!!!!

  2. Dying the rug? Hmmm...wonder if it would work...couldn't hurt to try. I did try dying my white wedding jacket blue. It got shipped to Goodwill right quick.

    So you're the ones sending the rain we'll get tomorrow! Hruhmmmph. I'm not ready for another day of rain with the basement still flooded. Oh well, into every life and all that...

  3. You could use the mulberries to dye the rug. lol Just continuing Paula's thought. I got such a kick out of all of the kids and Jenny coming in with mulberry juice all over their faces and hands. They really enjoyed them.

    I'm so happy that you like my candles. Thanks for supporting Chelsea......

    The flowers are gorgeous. I noticed that some of mine are getting knocked down and thought I should go bring some in to brighten up the place.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful rainy day, with candles lit. I also light mine when it is cloudy or raining!
    Wishing kamryn a very Happy Birthday this Friday, a very cute photo!I can't to much about the white rug has I have the same color in our bathroom. White always seems to make everything look so fresh!
    Your flowers are beautiful! my hydrangeas are doing so well this year, and have been so busy I haven't taken the time to cut some,and now after seeing how pretty yours are I think I will take the time.~smile~
    Thanks for sharing your day.

  5. Oh, I do love a rainy day...and yours, with chores caught up and aromatic candles lit, sounds perfect. A rainy day is best spent puttering around the house, I think. (Not that we always have that luxury, but that's how I prefer to spend them.)

    Children, grandchildren...they all grow up way too fast. This afternoon, I saw my 8-month-old great-niece Isabel at my mom's house, and Bekah sat down beside her. Honestly, my "baby" Bekah looked like such a grown up girl, all tall and lanky and mature. How can this be?

    Happy Birthday to your dear little Camryn! She is darling!

  6. The feverfew in the jars is beautiful!


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