Our Church Is Just A Bit Unusual

 After a great church service, though missing two of our families, who both happened to be away, we ate a bit of lunch and then did some dancing.

 It was a request from one of the young men - he mentioned that we hadn't done any English Country Dancing since the Titanic Event, and couldn't we please dance soon?

Well, yes we can!  It is one of the favorite activities for both young people and adults.  The other favorite among the younger set is Ultimate Frisbee.

 We missed the great dancers from the families that were away today, but we recognized that with summer in full swing, we couldn't wait until everyone was there or we might not ever get to it again!  So we decided to dance as often as possible.

We had everyone from Moms to nearly 7 year old boys dancing....even Pastor Mike danced the Virginia Reel!  It is such a great way to spend time together and burn some energy!

Everyone is turning into such great dancers that I think we will need to learn some new dances soon!

We are blessed. I am thankful.


  1. I love the effects on these photos...and yes we are unusual. So much more fun that way.

    Thanks for calling the dances.

  2. Wholesome fellowship, exercise, fun...all good!

  3. OH! this sounds like my church! We have so much fun too! The book of Acts spoke of how the early church met and broke bread! I love the fact that the adults and children interact.
    Thanks for sharing.Great post!!

  4. That looks exactly like my kind of fun! I'll bet I could even get Mr. Won't Dance to do this. Wholesome, healthy, and such good fellowship.


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