Prayer Request

Today I am taking Kyle and Sarah to our doctor's office to get some lab work done. 

They both have had some things going on - Kyle has an almost constant ringing in his ears and Sarah sometimes gets fatigue and sore legs.  

They both have had deer tick bites before and have gone through antibiotic treatments for it.  I want to rule out Lyme though, so today the get to go and have blood drawn.  They have never done this before and I am asking you to pray that they will not be freaked out, and also to pray that we will get some conclusive answers.

I know that the deer tick can pass other parasites etc, and I know that sometimes it is hard to diagnose. There is really good information on the ILADS website

Thanks for praying, friends.


  1. Yes. Am adding Kyle and Sarah to our prayer list for the morning. The ticks have been fierce this season.

    (We have a tick hotel on our kitchen table — a jar with wintergreen alcohol. So far, there are nine ticks.)

    Love to them...they are so grown up and brave that I'm sure they'll sail through. The Lord is with them and perhaps there is an ice cream cone or something involved. ☺

  2. Praying all goes smoothly and your dear ones are soon on the mend. Pretty scary!

    Hugs to Kyle, Sarah, and you!

  3. It is always a good thing to rule out Lyme!!
    I'll be praying for Kyle and Sarah (and their mom).

  4. Of course I will be praying.

    Hope they start feeling better soon.

  5. How long until you get results?

  6. I didn't see this in time to pray for the blood draw but I'm praying now. Do keep us current. Our prayers availeth much and I will continue until you give us the all's well.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Just read this today,as I have been off line this week, I will be praying for them, and you. I have had Lyme disease, and know first hand of how it affects one.

  8. I pray they are feeling better and the tests will yield answers for you all. :o)


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