Friday, September 21, 2012

A Garden Changing Of Seasons

 Summer is at it's end, and gladly I bid it farewell!  

 While I will miss the wild fullness of the plants that grow in my garden, I also really enjoy cutting back the garden and putting it to rest for another season.

 They hydrangea are a delight even now...I've cut the rest and have brought them in to dry...

The birdbath is full from the rains, and with the feeder not far away, hanging in the maple tree, the birds will still hang around.

I like capturing my cottage garden in photos.  This garden may not be here next year if my parents house sells and they add on.  This area will become part of a porch.  

Seasons change and so do our gardens, our houses, our lives.  I am glad to walk with my Lord and trust my life to Him.


  1. The joy of gardens is that they can be planted over. I know that my garden has been extended several times. I'd love to have a cottage garden as you do, but am afraid of what those snowplows would do. Just yesterday, I was lamenting that I had not gone further with the garden by the mailbox then I could have eliminated that fussy little mowing project I've left for myself.

    So true about the passing of time and the changing of seasons. My hope is that I'll get better at it as I grow older. I don't seem to be doing so well with it just now, which reminds me of that comedian you featured. He has a beautiful song written that describes some of that. It really was very sweet.

    Gosh, I'm chatty this morning and I still haven't had my coffee. Have a great day, Rabes and family!

  2. Deanna, I love your last paragraph in this post! I love your perspective on change...that change is inevitable (oh, how it is!), and that our response is to walk with Him and trust Him.

  3. Thanks for sharing your garden with us through your pictures. It's beautiful.

    Will you be able to move/save the plants if you do add the porch on?

  4. This post made me smile.....

  5. That last paragraph is so true. Leaving a garden is much harder to me than leaving a house. It takes time to get things to grow.

    I'm glad fall is here - summer was too hot for me!

  6. I love the first photo. You really capture the delicate look of the flower. Great post all around!


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