Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Books Our Mothers Read

We search the world for truth, we cull
The good, the pure, the beautiful,
From graven stone and written scroll,
And all old flower-fields of the soul;
And, weary seekers of the best,
We come back laden from our quest,
To find that all the sages said
Is in the Book our mothers read.

John Greenleaf Whittier

I hope that I am reading the Book that will give them everything they need for life and godliness, and learning from it, that they might read my life and see Him.


  1. Yes, there is no substitute for the Book! And its truths are the only thing that last.

  2. And our grandmothers and our great-grandmothers and all the way back... I know that you are doing a wonderful job being a mom and that your priorities are in the right place.

  3. I KNOW you are (reading the Book that will give them.....)! What an encouraging - and most valuable - post this is!

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring quotation, Deanna, thank you! The picture is lovely too....:o)

  5. I like your post. It is good to see you verbalize from the heart and clarity on this important subject can be easily observed... mothers day australia


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