Of Roosters, Hens, And A Day Off

IMG 0621 from Deanna Rabe on Vimeo.

We've been wanting to get a few chickens again, since we lost Lottie.

Cash is our rooster and Fiona is our new hen - a silky, who either came from Hospitality Lane to our friends who gave us to her, or she is one of the babies that hatched from a chicken given.  Either way, she is a sweet little chicken.  

 We want to get more layers, but for now Lindsay has a start on her breeding program.  She wants a few hens, separate from what will be our regular laying hens, who will live with Cash and hopefully hatch out babies.

We have some work on a bigger coop to get done, before we can get other chickens, though.  

There is always something going on at the Cottage.

I must say I really enjoyed my labor free day.  We didn't play any card games - I did offer - but I got some sleuthing in and am very close to closing the case!  Nancy Drew and I have been companions since my girlhood.  I love the computer games!

Today it is back to our normal routine, school and I will run Lindsay into the shoppe.

I will check my menu and see what meals are left on my two week list.  That will make dinner easy. 

Signs of Autumn are everywhere...I am excited about that!


  1. I love chickens too. Last spring we ended up with 4 chicks surviving. As of the last few weeks, it is obvious that 1 is a rooster and 3 hens. So total 2 roosters and 7 hens. I don't know how the 2 roosters will do but so far so good. I love to watch how they act socially. And I LOVE the fresh eggs. Enjoy yours...

  2. Glad you enjoyed your laborless Labor Day! Everyone needs a day like that now and then!

    Ooooo...I'm excited with you about those signs of autumn! :)


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