Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Chandelier In The Kitchen

I have been working on making some changes in my home without spending any money.  For several years I have had this chandelier in the basement family room area.  We rarely are down there and I never see it.  I had a white chandelier in the kitchen and I loved to decorate it seasonally. 

 This obviously is from Christmas.  

I am excited to have the new/old one in the kitchen now.  It has more lights, and it has a more colonial look, which I love!

 I found it at a yard sale about three or four years ago, and it was brass and had glass globes.  Tim and I bought these holders that look candle like, and I took a can of black spray paint to it and the rest is history!

I will be able to decorate it for Christmas as well, which makes me happy.

Oh, and this morning when I opened my living room curtains, I found even more exciting decor!  Talk about using old things in new ways!

 Ha Ha Ha!  It totally cracked me up!  Not sure who was playing with these but they were having quite the adventure it looks like!  I just wonder why the poor mom is upside down?

This is why my home will never look like a magazine, and frankly, I'm good with that!  


  1. What a great chandelier and the good news is that there is no need to wait until Christmas to decorate it. Oh the possibilities!

    The figurines cracked me up, too. That poor guy getting a ride on the window latch did me in. Hahahahaha...

  2. Lol! Oh to be in a house full of children!

    That is a great chandelier! Ive been wanting one forever, in fact when T and I were looking at houses last night (i know, we're obsessed) I might have uttered the phrase "this one comes with a chandelier, buy it!" Tax rates? School zones? Forget about it! Im all about the lighting fixtures.

  3. magazine style homes are over rated. that said . . .

    *love* the dolls hung up here and there - adds a bit of whimsy to your home.

    and *love* the early american/colonial chandy. big time. very much. exceedingly.


  4. Your chandelier is gorgeous! So glad you released it from its life in the basement as a Plain Jane brass, globed light. It was just waiting to be made into something lovely to hang in your kitchen...great job!

    The little people in your front window make me smile. (I have said that my house is decorated part colonial, part country, and part homeschool.) =D

  5. Your new old/new chandelier is really pretty, I love the color you painted it.

    And seeing the toys hanging just cracked me up!

  6. That light looks so sweet in there!

    Haha on the toys.

  7. Love the new light...where is the old one now? Did it go downstairs?

    Funny decor on your windows. Gotta love the unexpected finds such as this.


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