On This Labor Day

I am going to play!

No school.

No shoppe.

No cleaning.

Or Laundry.

I might cook.

Yes, I will have to cook.


I am going to play a Nancy Drew mystery game on the computer - with no guilt that I should be doing something else or sleeping.

I am going to play Blink....

Depending on the weather I may take the kids swimming at my parents house.

I am going to watch a movie.

I am going to laugh with my kids.

I am going to knit.

I am going to read!

I better get going....I have a full day of fun to start on!


  1. Ooooo...so exciting! I hope you have a grand time on this rest-from-your-Labor-Day!

  2. Good for you!!! Have a blessed day!

  3. Now that's quite a Play Agenda! (I'm glad you mentioned Blink...We haven't played that for awhile. I think I'll get it out.)

  4. I love it!
    It seems we share alot of the same things to want to do....however, I am working today. Well maybe not so much as I am blogging. Very Very slow today. Enjoy your day...and thank you so much for your comments. You are a dear friend.


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