Praying For Many Things

The earthquake in Nepal has brought such devastation.  I grew up in earthquake country - Southern California.  Never, ever did we have such loss.

News out of the Middle East is horrific on so many levels.

Does it seem to you that the world's turned upside down?

We are praying for so many things here at our cottage.  For our family, for our church members, for our country and it's leaders, for believers to truly walk with God, to be light in the darkness, for those suffering from illness and pain, for those who've suffered loss, for those in Nepal, for Christians in the Middle East, for my brother and sister in law who are this minute flying across the Atlantic Ocean to Senegal and the work God has called them to.  For the first time ever, with no children with them.  We are praying, for those who have chronic pain, and for those who have emotional pain.

I believe that God uses all things in our lives to get our attention and to change us into the image of His Son.

Are there things we can pray about on your behalf?


  1. You are right about all that's happening seems overwhelming. Yours is the right response--on our knees.

  2. And today The Supreme Court begins hearing arguments on what constitutes marriage... Yes, there are things going on in this world that I would never have dreamed I'd see just two short years ago. I have been working on a post of my own so I won't dump here. This we know, Jesus is the answer to every problem of this world.

  3. You are so right. Life does seem to be spinning out of control in so many areas. We have to pray like never before. I was listening to Revive Our Hearts podcast on my way to work this morning and one thing really stuck out for me is for women to get into the word of God. "Some of the wisest women are women who don't have a ton of head knowledge, but they have confidence in the truth, and they know the truth of God's word. They are women of the Word. They are women of wisdom. They are learning by God's Spirit to apply that truth to real life situations." This spoke to me this morning.

  4. Taking it all to the's the only way to cope, to find direction, to experience the peace that passes understanding!!

  5. Please pray for my husband Kirk. He isn't doing well right now. Thanks!!

  6. Since you asked, I'd appreciate prayer for a couple of things. First, I was widowed 14 months ago at age 53, and I'm still trying to find my way. I want to do what God wants me to do! Also, I've been dealing with what my doctor says are severe allergies since mid-February, mostly in the form of coughing. It's gotten worse the past six weeks or so, and no medication seems to eliminate the cough. I sing at church, and it's really difficult to do so when I have to cough! Maybe I just have to wait for this to run its course, but it's taking a toll on my body. Thanks for praying!

  7. You are so right, dear friend, there are many things to pray about,your prayer list touched my heart, I will be praying for your family as they travel to minister! Please pray for the Alzheimer gentleman that I care for, he is not doing well!
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. I have a long prayer list every day, too, for our upside down world. It seems having hope is the most difficult thing to do these days and the one I need to focus on. My fervent prayer is for the peace of Jerusalem.

  9. Thank you! There's so much power in prayer!
    First, please pray for more people to pray....we need it badly.
    Second, please send a prayer for my son...he's so lost.


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