Preparing for Easter

Tomorrow we will celebrate the resurrection.  The most important event in Christianity, without the resurrection there is no hope.

On Easter Sunday our church, Sonrise Christian Fellowship, meets for a 'Sonrise' service at a local park with a small lake.  We take about 15 or 20 minutes to sing a few songs, share a few verses and then we head to the church.  We all bring breakfast dishes and share breakfast together before our regular Sunday School and Church time.

It's a fun time, a special event that we only do at Easter.

I usually take care of preparing the tables.  We normally don't have tablecloths or any centerpieces.  

For tomorrow I will be putting white disposable tablecloths on the tables and using my colored canning jars with beautiful flowers in them for centerpieces.

I also did a bit of prep work for our family dinner tomorrow afternoon and made some special Trim Healthy Mama treats!

I pray that you have a wonderful Easter.


  1. A very blessed Easter to you and your family, guests, and church family, too!


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