They're Here!

Emma and company rolled in this morning a little after 7:00am.  They were full of laughs and smiles and were so exhausted after driving all night.  They said that they had been up about 27 hours!

After visiting for about an hour, we sent them off to bed to sleep.  We are being very quiet and hope they will rest well for a few hours.

Later they will all go play Ultimate Frisbee with the young people from church and other friends and then back here for a bonfire!  

The fun has begun!

I'll get photos later, by the way.  I just couldn't do that to them, after they drove 10 hours overnight!

I have my regular day going here.  School, Rachel's cello lesson, a meal together with Tim before he goes to work.

Have a great day friends.  If you see me, I'll be smiling.  


  1. Praise the Lord for safe travels!!
    I think I can see you smiling from here! ;)

  2. It's nice you see signs of spring just in time for your guests to arrive. Have fun together!

  3. I've not had much time for blogging the last couple of days but wanted to drop by and offer Easter Blessings to your home Deanna.
    The family is back and I'm sure you'll have lots of photos to share.


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