Tea Time: New Tea Cups

Rachel gifted me with two new tea cups for Mother's Day.  We found them at our favorite local store, Fresh Vintage by Amy, in Strasburg.

 There are so many things to love about this tea cup.

The colors, that ruffled edge

 The faint mark says, "Prussia" on it.

I love the unique handle.

This one is striking with the green color.

It has a delicate embossed detail at the bottom of the cup.

I love the beautiful pattern on this one.

 I love Johnson Brothers patterns.

Pretty handle too, even if it is out of focus.

I haven't posted any tea related things lately.  One of my Royal Albert teapots got a crack in it near the handle and now is only on display, instead of usable.  

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  1. oohhhh that gives us a place to visit when we are in PA this summer. I will have to write the name of that store down.

  2. What a sweet gift and lovely pattern!

  3. Beautiful tea cups ! I love Johnson Bris. also !

  4. Those are beautiful additions to your collection!! Your people know you well!
    Can't wait for another visit to Fresh Vintage!

  5. beautiful cups .. i especially like the ruffled edge. :)

  6. The green is so fresh for spring! I always note handle design, too, but was most surprised to,lesrn that finger are never supposed to go through tea cup handles. Crazy! I plan to visit a tea house in June so am trying to get my act together!

  7. Pretty tea cups. I don't think you can ever have too many!

  8. Those are beauties. I don't know anything about collecting teacups other than saying England on the bottom and France 's Limoge.

  9. The first tea cup is certainly unique and I'm sure there's a descriptive name for the handle, very nice MD gifts.
    I hope you enjoy some nice teas in your new cups Deanna.

  10. Your tea cups are absolutely beautiful, such detail! I also love Johnson Brothers dishes! Thanks for sharing,

  11. Your cups are lovely, Deanna! I especially love the JB as I am such a big fan of green. Lovely gifts from your Rachel. Thanks for joining me for tea and enjoy your weekend.


  12. How pretty! I'm a fan of the Prussia teacup!

  13. Very pretty! I have a few of my grandmother's old teacups. I'm not sure of their markings, but it is fun to use them for tea :)

  14. Great additions to a collection. I am imagining how fun they will be to use. Visiting from Bernideen's

  15. Such pretty teacups. The handle on the first one is so ornate and unique, along with the ruffled edge. Any tea will taste elegant from it.

  16. What wonderful teacups and such a special gifting. Lovely and so meaningful.

  17. Both are beautiful. The first one is my favorite! So happy to have you share them with Share Your Cup.


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