Late October

Sunday was a beautiful day.  Chilly in the morning, but sunny and mild in the afternoon.  We went to lunch, then went to a local park with a few walking paths, a small playground, and soccer fields.

Rachel and I played in the park on the swings, while Tim, Sarah and Kyle kicked the soccer ball around.

Then we walked around a lovely pond.

We decided to have a campfire that evening, so we invited Nate and Kayleigh and the girls, and my mom and dad to come over.  None of us can resist a campfire.

Yesterday was a lovely day - I shot video while Rachel was driving to my moms house.

Last night our first freeze was forecast, so I brought in my delicate plants.

Good thing I did, since this is what greeted me this morning

I'll be spending some time over the next few days cutting the flower gardens down, and preparing the beds for winter.  This month has flown by, and this weekend is our annual Fall Fest that we host here on our property.  Then it will be a few weeks until our Thanksgiving and then right into the Christmas season!

The year is marching on, and there is a beauty in every season.  As much as I love my flower gardens blooming with lovely things, I love them in the winter too, when they are all at rest.

On another note - our election cycle is nearly over.  Two weeks until we vote.  How we have gotten to the place in our nation where we have these candidates as our main options is astounding.  It didn't happen overnight, we've been heading down this slippery slope for years.  I am thankful that I know the God who puts rulers in their places, and also holds me in the palm of his hands, and hides me under the shelter of his 'wings.'  I trust Him for my future, for my today.


  1. October is a delightful month. It is my favorite!

    We were also surprised to see a light frost this morning. Now the sun is shining gloriously and the temps are pleasantly cool. I love it.

    Indeed, it is a crazy world we're living in. Looking to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith!

  2. I am not as upset by the election as perhaps you are. Oh that little grandgirlie enjoying her first campfire...darling. I love how much fun your family has together and all the good times you share. The simple things and the big things, too. It's great. (I love the look of contentment on your parents' faces...sweetness.)

  3. A delightful post, indeed... loved the picture of the beautiful pond, and the lovely family gathering around the bonfire, those are such special and wonderful times! And frost is just part of the season, but like you said, a lot of work after it happens. We had our first frost the 9th of September. Seasons pass so quickly don't they! I just try to enjoy them all, as you said. :)


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