Monday, May 1, 2017

I Have A Mowing Story To Tell!

This is kind of embarrassing but it was so funny.

I was mowing late this afternoon.  Tim and Rachel were both home from work, everyone was doing something.

I like to listen to podcasts while I mow, and so I had a good pace going and decided to just set the cruise control on the mower.  I don't usually do this because I end up needing to use the brake often, so why bother with the cruise control, right?

Well, as I headed around the tree, I was going fast so I took my foot off the accelerator, only it was set on cruise control and I crashed through my picket fence, I was headed straight for the house, too, but was able to turn and get the brake on quickly! The family came running and I all I could do was laugh and laugh! 

This picket fence encloses my front garden and has been in bad shape.  Tim has plans to replace the fence this year.  I guess the fence has moved up the priority list now!

Actually it kind of looks like its a gate.

Tim managed to get it set back together, sort of, so I'm not sure if a casual observer would notice.  The other casualty, other than the fence, was a climbing rose.  Sigh. In an amazing 'coincidence' I bought a climbing rose to climb up the arbor over the walkway on Friday.  Tim planted it this evening.  So even though the one on the fence will be gone, I'll still have a lovely climber in the front garden.

I can say that I finished the rest of the mowing with complete success. I am really happy I didn't crash into the house!


  1. Since you are not hurt and there is minimal damage, I'll laugh with you! How do we get into these scrapes? :D

  2. Well, all's well that ends well :)
    (I'm sure it felt surprising and a bit scary at the time.)

  3. So much for cruise control... Yikes! Now the suspicious side of me wonders if you didn't secretly have it in for that fence. LOL!

  4. lol....I so wish this had been capturd on video Deanna....just a little adventure on a spring afternoon...glad you were not injured however!

    1. So crazy! I'm glad it wasn't captured on video! But it would be funny to watch!

  5. Oh that sounds like something I would do:) You made me giggle, happy you were not hurt! Have a blessed and beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Yikes! So glad everything turned out okay. And that you can laugh about it!

  7. I could definitely see myself doing that! Glad you (and the house) are okay! What podcasts do you listen to?

  8. Sometimes all we can do is laugh when we do something that isn't very smart. So glad you aren't hurt and that you didn't crash into your house. I bet you won't be using cruise control again!

  9. Glad you are ok!! :) Oh boy, never a dull moment, huh?

  10. Oh man. I couldn't help but giggle! Glad you are not hurt and your didn't run into the house.

  11. Haha! It's good it all turned out well enough - no one hurt.

  12. Good thing you had the ability to stop the rider! I'm sure it looked funny to others--once they knew all was OK. Yes sounds like a Lucy moment.


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