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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Added Thoughts

I wanted to add some thoughts to my previous post.
I believe hospitality is so important, and so we have always opened our home, even when it didn't look as nice as it does now.
We have had tea parties, birthday parties, Mom's gatherings, meetings, dinners, and 2 family reunions here at our home.
What is need is some creativity. When it is time to eat, no more than 10 can squeeze around our table, so we set up our long counter as a buffet, placing plates, flatware, napkins, and the food on it. I like to use tiered plates and baskets for some of the food as it makes the presentation more appealing to the eye, than if it were all laid out flat. Plus it saves space. Everyone then sits where ever there is a seat available. No one has ever complained about this.
Our home is about 1400 sq feet and has 4 bedrooms and two baths. The living room and kitchen are all open and the dining table is in there as well. The bedroom our youngest is in serves as a pass through for the girls bedroom. The previous owners added the master bedroom on and chose to do it that way rather than relocate closets. It is inconvenient at times, but it works. Our girls have the master bedroom. We switched with them two years ago. The 4 of them were cramped into the 2nd largest bedroom and the two of us were roaming around in an enormous space. They have plenty of room now, along with a private bathroom and walk in closet and the room we now have is big enough for us!
I find it just takes creativity to make the most of what you have.
When you are content and happy with what you have, people feel the warmth of your welcome and feel comfortable!


  1. We haven't had to add on here at our house. As the kids grow and move on that leaves us with more space. Although I would love to have a sitting room where there is no television and it's quiet. When the next one moves on we will have a computer craft room and I am happy about that. Actually when the kiddos are in school and have all moved on, we'll have a large home!!

    But for the time being. I am glad that my children all like to be with mom and dad. That is not common in this day and age! What's Friday night without ALL my children here. Ryan has taken on the task of entertaining when I am tired. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree) We play games, watch a movie or liten to 30 second songs on ITUNES that Ryan plays for us.

    So yes, I will get my space in a few years, But for now, I have to be creative and my Front Porch works nicely!! And Robert and I along with the kids laugh alot!!

  2. You are so blessed! We are enjoying our family so much also.

    We do not need to add on either, we have exactly what we need. God promises to provide all our needs, not necessarily our "wants". He is good, and blesses us with our wants, much of the time, anyway!


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