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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Home School Co-op

One of the things I do with my "free time" is to run a homeschool co-op. This group will be starting its 10th year, and while I did not start the group, I have been a member from the beginning.

We are going to have 58 families this year. We will have lots of kids involved. Our group has classes for preschool kids through 12th grade. I enjoy this group so much. I love that I have known many of these kids since they were in K-1st and are now in high school.

Our class groupings are broken up into preschool, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th, and 7-Ups.

Our K-6th graders all have gym and music everyweek, and then get to pick from two different sets of electives per semester. The electives are usually art, science, geography,and writing, and are all taught by our moms or dads, with a grandparent or two thrown in!

Our 7-Ups have all electives, and can choose from art, political science, drama, yearbook, literature,writing, science, etc... It varies from year to year.

We also play soccer in the fall, and softball in the spring. We have a learning fair, and track and field day, and due a concert or fine arts program. This year we will also have a drama.

We have mom's meetings every month, for encouragment and fellowship.

I love this group!


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