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Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Washing Machine

Or should I say my new husbands new toy?! My husband does most of the laundry around here. With our homeschooling he said that was one thing he could take off my "to do" list everyday.

For the last several years he has researched front load washing machines, and decided this year we were going to get one! We looked at them in stores, asked more questions than I knew were possible about washing machines, and then decided to look on line. He found an American company named Staber, based in Ohio. They make a top loading machine. What??? Well, this machine is very simple to repair, it uses a simple motor and belt, it uses very little water (which was the draw of the front loaders) and it has a tumble action that reverses to keep the clothes from getting tangled.

This is a simple machine, folks. The body is a hard plastic. But it is the most fantastic washing machine! Our dark clothes no longer have all that lint on them when they come out of the washer, we use alot less water which is considerable when doing laundry for 8 people, and it is amazingly quiet. Truly.

I was sceptical at first. It was different from "normal" washers, but hey I don't do the laundry very much, he does!

So we bought one. And we are convinced this is a great washing machine. My husband also likes that if it needs repairs, he can do them easily. You take the front panel off and can change the belt or repair the motor. There is no computer in this machine, and therefore no repairman needed!

Check out their website:


  1. That's Tim for you!! A washer HE can fix. That is great!! We got a new refrigerator a couple of months back. It's a Kenmore with the freezer on the bottom!! I like it as I don't have to bend down as often.

    Have fun Tim!! Does he fold too?? If so he's hired!

  2. I fold, or the girls do! We have mountains of laundry - I am so appreciative of him!

    What a man!


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