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Monday, June 11, 2007

My Old Ladder

For sometime I have been looking for an old wooden ladder. I found one already painted white, with some age showing, at an antique place for $12.50! I had to buy it. My original idea was to hang it from the ceiling over my counter, and put ivy and lights on it. I may still do that, but I have a great shelf that it might block, if I hang it there. Meanwhile, I decided to use it in my bedroom as a magazine holder. I really like it alot! So, maybe I need to find another old ladder to hang over my counter!


  1. Very cute. The same idea would work in the bathroom too!!

  2. I really like it as a magazine holder! Very cute!


  3. Yes, it would work in any room. Depending on the condition of the ladder, it would work in different decorating styles, primitive, cottage, country, even a high tech look with the right ladder style!

  4. You are so creative - Wow! I love the idea - old ladders are a great find - the tales they could tell us..... I'm on the hunt for an old ladder.


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