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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Returning Home

My sweetheart is coming home today! He left a week ago to do relief work in New Orleans. We are very excited. My youngest daughter said last night "I miss Daddy so much, I can't stop thinking about him." So sweet.

I will try to post some photos this week of his trip.

Oh, last night I tried my hand a redwork embroidery while my girls and I were watching the new version of Pride and Prejudice. It turned out so nice. I will post a picture soon!

I love learning new things.


  1. I worked on mine and watched the new "Charlotte's Web"! Earlier I watched "The Queen". (both all by myself, no one wanted to watch The Queen with me)

    Let me know if Tim met Miss Stephanie!

  2. Oh yes I forgot to tell you that he met Miss Stephanie on Thursday evening. He said she was very outgoing and nice. She had lots of nice things to say about you, as well!

    He was glad to get the chance to meet her.

  3. I am thrilled!!!

    How was the trip??? Did he have a wonderful time?

  4. He said that it was very good, and that he has been challenged in his personal life to be more outwardly focused, and to lead our family in this as well.

    If he goes again, he would like the whole family to go, or as many as can.

  5. I will meet you there!!!


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