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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Low Carb Scone Recipes

I'm hosting a group of 18 moms at the Cottage this evening for tea and scones and to talk about having a Lifegiving home.

As you know, I follow the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, and that means no regular flours or sugar for me.  Fortunately, I've found some amazing recipes for low carb scones!  An added bonus is that my friends who are gluten free can eat these treats, too!

This first scone is a plain scone, much like the one I make with regular flour.  However this recipe has no sweetener in it, and I like a sweet scone, so I am going to try adding 1/4 cup of erythritol (which is a sugar alcohol that doesn't trigger the glycemic index - so you taste 'sugar' but the body doesn't register it as sugar and so doesn't release insulin).

I like these so that I can have my lemon curd and cream on my scone.

These chocolate peanut butter scones are amazing!  Everyone who has eaten them, loved them!

I won't be making these for tonight, but these Lemon Scones are one of my very favorites!


I make my own lemon curd and my own mock devonshire cream, so that I can eat them!  No one even knows they are sugar free!

Mock Devonshire Cream

1- 8 oz cream cheese, softened.
1/2 cup of sour cream
2 Tablespoons of powdered sugar
(for low carb I grind 2 TBS of erythritol)
blend it in a mixer or food processor

Here is an easy recipe for Lemon Curd.  Again I will just substitute, erythritol for the sugar.

I'll be back tomorrow with some photos and tell you how it went!

Just a quick note about sweeteners.  Many of the sweeteners that end in 'tol' such as maltitol or sorbitol can give you digestive issues.  Erythritol does not.  However, each person is different and some may be sensitive to it.  Another sweetener that I like is Xylitol.  This, along with Erythritol, taste just like sugar and are a 1 to 1 substitution.  However, if you have pets that may eat your snacks do not use xylitol.  This is deadly to pets.  Just the difference in human bodies digestion verses a dogs digestion.


  1. Wow! These look so great! I am a THMer as well. I hope that you share the recipes for the scones! Definitely need to try your mock devonshire cream. I am from Canada, and I have had fun tea parties with my kids on Victoria Day, which is in May.

    1. If you click on the word 'source' under each photo it will take you to the recipe!

  2. Sounds like great fun! Great food, great fellowship, great topic of discussion. Looking forward to learning how it went.

  3. Lemon...yum. That would be my favorite.

  4. oohhh aahhh . yUm!
    i saved the links to the scone recipes (though the lemon scone link didn't work for me) and will be calculating the ingredients on my ww smartpoints plan. thank you!!!


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