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Monday, July 24, 2023


 This weekend we had digging going on in our backyard!

The basement of the addition is underway!

Here are the pieces of the deck that got taken down.

This video shows the rest of the basement space.

On Saturday Tim, Wes, and our friend Dean built a fence for a single lady in our church. She is away on a missions trip and will be so glad to see her fence when she gets home! (it is not a surprise)

They did a great job!

On Sunday, I began a new ministry. I am a helper in the 2-4th grade Sunday School class. I loved it!

I also had heartache this weekend, as my dear friend went to be with the Lord. I'm glad for her, but heartbroken for her dear family and friends. 

What happened in your world this weekend?


  1. Joys and sorrows - a like amount of both in Life.

  2. I am SO sorry about your friend!!
    And the fence looks great...

  3. The construction is on its way!! Looks great. I'm sorry about your loss, sending prayers.


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