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Monday, July 8, 2024



A view of the kitchen sink area from the deck at night. 
This was the fourth of July, and Rachel is at the sink.

We had a fun weekend. We did stuff around the house, Tim mowed at our church, we picked up our grands and brought them over to swim.

Usually if I'm in the pool with them I use a tube float and walk around doing exercises for my muscles. This time I did do that but I also swam which greatly impressed my 7 year old granddaughter! That was pretty fun! Ha! She liked best that I would go underwater with her and I didn't even need a nose plug! (grin)

The pool water has been so warm we've started to keep the solar cover off of it, since it really felt like bath water!

The Sunday closest to July 4th our church doesn't hold a service. Back in the day, so many people were away that weekend they couldn't staff Sunday School, or the worship team and now it is tradition. We often take it as a true day of rest, but this year we decided to go to my parents church with them, and then we went to lunch. It was a very good service and fun to go to lunch with them.

We came home and napped, then later Rachel and Wes came by and decided to swim, and Tim picked the grands up again to swim. We fed them organic chicken nuggets from Costco and ice cream and then took them back home.

Sarah got back from a friends' house, and they all watched a movie with Tim's projector he got for Father's Day. Not my kinda movie so I used headphones and used my ipad to look at stuff.

Watson our cat laying on my Mom's lap and the arm of her chair. 
With his black nose and mouth he's hard to photo graph. He is twelve now.

Kyle has hand therapy today, and evaluation to see whether he needs to keep coming in to see them or can just continue on his own at home.

His surgeon happened to walk through the therapy area two weeks ago and his therapist called him over and showed him Kyle's progress. The surgeon was thrilled, and took video for his file. They are very caring at this office and I am thankful the Lord arranged for this man to have been in the hospital the day of Kyle's accident.

I still can't think of that day without tearing up, but I praise God in the midst of the sadness and hurt for being with us every step of the way. He's met us in our deepest pain, and carried us through.

Interestingly, that is a part of what the sermon yesterday was about. How God uses the our trials, pain, heartache to get us to long for what He has in store for us - Heaven. We cannot fathom what it will be like to have no more pain or heartache. He will dry every tear.

The hydrangea are still alive even in this heat! The grading is done,
so now we can get them planted!


Linda said...

God is in everything that happens to us, isn't He?
Love you and your family!
I may try hydrangeas next year. Amber used to gave some beautiful ones!

Estelle's said...

Hi's wonderful to hear your son is doing better after his horrible afternoon swim, family visits and your sweet kitty was all delightful....have a good week ahead!

Kim said...

It's wonderful to hear about Kyle's progress. I'm sure he's working hard at it!

Debby @ From My House to Yours said...

I remember when that happened to your son. I'm so happy he has improved and keeps on improving. I can't imagine how hard that was for you as a mother. I get it.


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