Kittens Again

Update on the names...

Kyle has named one Thomas. This is not after the househelp of the Dashwoods, but after a certain blue tank engine.

The other one is a male bobtail and I have named him Bob. (aren't I the most creative person you know?) Actually it is in honor of my dad, whose birthday is today. And of course the cat is a bob-tail so Bob sort of suits him, don't ya know....


  1. When I was in college I was taking a philosophy class and found a kitten by my car. I took him home and named him Arthur Schopenhauer, after the man I was reading about :) I called him Artty :)

    But I like Bob. It is simple and short and sounds like a good upstanding man!

    And who wouldn't love Thomas (after the tank engine of course) :)

  2. Happy Birthday to both Bobs!

    Becky K.

  3. tell papa i say happy birthday



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