Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Evening Out

Last evening my sweetheart and I went out to dinner. We sat at a table for two, and feed both our stomachs and our souls. It is so wonderful to be in sync with the one you love.

We chatted about politics; there was a big election yesterday, we spoke of our children. We spoke of the Lord's work in our lives. We spoke of the last years' events in our lives.

We were through at the restaurant, but not through having uninterrupted time, so we went to a cafe type place for coffee for him, and tea for me. We spent several more hours talking and sharing our hearts, then headed home.

I am so thankful for the time together tying our heartstrings ever closer. How I love this husband God has given me.


  1. The boys and I watched Fireproof this morning. It is also a great reminder to be considerate and diligent at our marriage covenant relationships.

    I am glad you and Tim had this time.
    When I heard you were going out I teased that we should find out where you were going and crash your party.
    So glad I have more sense than this...glad you had a great evening.


  2. So happy for you and your hubby. Those moments are very important.

  3. What a precious post and what a testimony of a godly marriage!

  4. oh...this sounds wonderful, what good marriages are made of...and please say *yes*...that is a picture of you and your beloved about your writing isn't it...don't burst my bubble...I just think it goes so well with the post...and such a beautiful woman....and...the scenery...yes, I am thinking that MUST be you both.....yes...that is what I am going to think, if you don't mind.... :-)

  5. Sounds wonderful. Such needed time to be with the one you love. :O)

  6. I love how you put it -- "I am so thankful for the time together tying our heartstrings ever closer."

    Sounds like a WONDERFUL time :o)

  7. Thanks Becky for not 'crashing' our date! :)

    Deby, why of course that is Tim and I! I thought that painting really captured the feel of our time together!

    I encourage you all, to make time to have this kind of time with your husband!

  8. What a sweet post about time spent with your wonderful husband. I hope he reads it, he'll be blessed all over again. Have a wonderful day.

  9. What a blessing! Sounds like you and your hubby had a most wonderful evening.

    Love & Prayers,

  10. Sound like a wonderful evening. We could use more of these.


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