April 1st, But This Is Not A Joke

 Tim's whispered words this morning "Look out the window" got my attention.  I said, "Why, is it beautiful?"  It was but just not in the way I expected.

 Last Spring was very warm, it seemed like Summer began early.  This year we have been colder than what is seasonal for us. 

 A tulip in the front garden.  Thankfully the flower hasn't come up yet.

 It is a good thing that we look to the One who holds all things in His hands, including the weather.  Of course, this snow is only annoying.  The roads are only wet, we had no severe weather.  We homeschool so we are not on a delay or missing a day.  It really will not be a problem as I take a daughter to work later and drop a son to sleep over at his grandparents house.  I will be able to get groceries today.

 So, though I would rather see sunshine and be sitting out on my deck drinking in the beautiful vitamin D and wearing my cute white hat, while reading my library book, I will not complain. 

 My chicken just might though.

The horses won't care.  Sandy has been on lockdown in her stall for a few days.  She had some swelling and heat in her fetlock joints.  The swelling has gone down over the last few days and yesterday the heat was gone too.  We are thankful.  She is a beloved animal.

I fortified myself this morning with a mug of hot chocolate and a couple of slices of Lindsay's homemade french bread.  So good.

Enjoy your day - keep looking to Him.  "Seek the Lord and the strength He gives!  Seek His presence continually." 1 Chronicles 16:11


  1. It is a good thing it is so pretty. Otherwise I might have cried. Hopefully this will be the last snow of the season.

    Now, I am off to do the bulletin, gather a few groceries for the kids and then we are off.

    See you next week.

  2. We had snow yesterday, but it didn't stick. What happened to March going out like a lamb?

  3. That is how it looked at my house this morning as well! Thankfully I know that it will not last. By tonight or tomorrow morning it will be gone! It was beautiful as it came down though...big, fluffy, white flakes! Back to work here....God's Blessings today!

  4. We were not happy to see the snow here either, even though it was pretty. Ours quickly turned to rain and the white disappeared. We fear that this year, we may not have a spring but go straight from the cold of winter to the heat of summer, but we hope not as Spring and Fall are our favorite seasons.

  5. So glad to be back to visit you :-) I heard about the storm back there and thought of you and Becky. I hope you're staying warm.
    Jordan is back in the states too!

  6. Wow. It;s so hard to imagine! Here in Texas my kids went swimming this weekend.

    You should come for a visit. It would be nice and warm and we could lift each other up in godly fellowship. :) Lisa~


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