The Garden In April

 I planted Ranunculus in my red pot for my porch to give a bit of color out front.  I really like them.

 This is the lone yellow tulip that shows up every year!

 Lindsay transplanted Strawberries yesterday, from the front flower beds to one of our raised beds.  We really need another one just for Strawberries.

 Our Italian parsley and cilantro...coming up from self seeding last year.

 Lindsay made our arches, for our pole beans, out of some birch branches...

 Our creek has been flowing beautifully this year.

 Trees in the pasture...

 Sandy in sunlight...

 While I mowed yesterday, the girls weeding all the flower beds, front and back and Tim brought home mulch.  They spread the mulch while I made our dinner last night.  

 These are some of the Strawberries that still need to be moved.  The peonies are some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen.  They get very large and smell like old fashioned roses.  Can't wait until they bloom next month!

 This front garden area is a delight to me.  When everything is blooming it is a great cutting garden...

 This is a sweet area too, by my lamppost.  The spirea "Gold Mound" is pretty with it's chartreuse leaves and it gets pretty pink flowers on it twice a season too!

 Irises, Shasta Daisies, Daffodils, and more...

Everything is so beautiful at this time of year!

What is growing in your garden?


  1. Looking at your gardens make me realize I need to get to work!


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