Morning Visitors

 Emily spotted this sweet pair this morning.  She named them Eric and Alberta.  I don't know why....

 They seem to like our creek...

Here he seems to be checking it out before...
His wife went in for a dip....

Emily says that she was in first, then he went in - that is why he is so close to the water in the previous photo.  sigh....It was much more romantic the way I envisioned.  Nothing like reality to burst your bubble.

The photos were taken by Emily from our deck, we didn't want to scare them away.  I am not sure they will stay around, with the dogs, but it would be fun to watch them raise some ducklings....


  1. I love when animals come to visit unexpectedly (as long as they are outside, do't like it when little mice get in). We have bunnies living in our bushes out front.

  2. Beautiful view and beautiful visitors!

  3. Jeremiah, Noah, and Caleb think you'll have some happy foxes. Molly doesn't agree

  4. Eric and Doris(Alberta)were so cute! But after these pictures were taken, they "disappeared", maybe floated down river(creek) lol.

  5. cute we love the duckies too.


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