Friday, April 15, 2011

A Longwood Kind Of Day

 Sunny, nearly 70 degrees yesterday, we took ourselves to Longwood for the afternoon!  

 It is such a gorgeous place - 

 There is beauty everywhere...

 Flowering trees are in bloom, so were many tulips, daffodils, violas and pansies.

 This little Miss, enjoyed the sunshine and being outside!

 The vegetable gardens are one of my favorite places at Longwood.  I love the structures they use and the fact that they plant flowers among their veggies too!

 Kyle and Sarah ran through the paths reading the plant signs.

 Kamryn and Auntie Em...

 Nate enjoyed going along with us yesterday, too.

 I could have sat and looked at this view all day...

 In the Summer these arches are filled with climbing roses...

 Forget me nots' up close...

 Gorgeous tulips along the garden walk...

 Flowering trees...

 Lovely water features...

It was a lovely day...I am thankful to my husband for the family pass, every year, that allows us to head out for just a few hours whenever we are able.
And I am thankful to the Lord for such awesome beauty.  

All photos by Lindsay Rabe Photography.  Do not use without permission.


  1. Beautiful! I wasn't expecting such a wonderful made our afternoon outing more pleasant.

    Glad you got to go!

  2. Beautiful! That is why we are going to Ireland in May! Advice from local said May is when the flowers are in bloom!!!!

  3. Great photos and what a beautiful spot. Season passes seem like a great idea.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  4. How lovely!

    Hope you have a blessed week!


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