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Becky told me about this book series, by Terri Blackstock, that she was reading and that she was hooked.  Then Brenda mentioned that she couldn't find book 3 of this series, so she read book 4.  Those two comments got my attention.

I have never read Terri Blackstock before.  My for fun reading time is limited during the school year and I tend to stick to authors I know.  Tuesday night we were at a really neat public library, cafe, community building, Becky looked for book 3, but couldn't find it, and I asked if they had book 1.  She said that she didn't see it.  However, later, when we were looking around I happened to see the shelf where it would be and book 1 was there!  The library volunteer told me she had just shelved it.

I read the first couple of chapters that night, then picked it up again yesterday.  I couldn't put it down.  It deals with a crisis that could happen today and how a family and their community deal with it.

Even if a similar situation never happened, I believe that knowing how to garden, can produce, raise chickens, sew, knit, and do many other basic life skills are so important in these tough economic times.  

By the way, I finished the book early this morning and now am on the look out for book 2.  And for those of you who can't find book 3 - Christian Book Distributors has it.


  1. Doesn't it give you the chills? I loved the series.

  2. It really does make you think. And actually our case.

    Warren is still reading book two from the library....I don't know if they have more than one copy of it, or not.

    Terri Blackstock is an excellent author. I would love to study under her if she taught classes on character and plot development.

  3. Sounds like something I'd enjoy reading. But I already have a huge stack next to my bed!

  4. I think I read that series, too! The cover doesn't look familiar, but sounds like the same story I'm thinking of...definitely made you think "what if.."
    I've never been down to the library/cafe down there....the link made me curious, I just might have to check it out sometime!!!
    {Glad you got to "check out" for a bit and read!}

  5. I guess I'm going to have to read this series. I have read some of Terri Blackstock's books, but not this series.


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