A Bit Of Homekeeping

 This post of Brenda's from last week reminded me that I had not taken care of my wood furniture, properly, in quite some time.

 I pulled out my bottle of Old Craftsman's Lemon Oil Bees Wax.  I bought my bottle locally years ago, but you can find it here.

 I just love the way the wood gleams after it has been pampered with this lovely product!  After having the heat on all winter, combined with the dryness of winter, my furniture sighed with pleasure.  It was truly happy.

 Thanks to my husband's wisdom, we buy real wood furniture, instead of particle board furniture.  We sometimes have to wait for an item, to be able to pay cash, but this has lead to furniture that has lasted for years.  With six kids we did not want to have furniture that needed to be replaced, so he has always liked real wood.  Fortunately for us we live in Amish Country and there are so many craftsmen that make sturdy oak furniture.

 I baked bread yesterday, it is so, so good.  I love knowing exactly what we are eating, too.

 Rachel was yearning to bake yesterday and wanted to try Red Velvet Cake from our new cookbook, Gooseberry Patch's "Sweet & Simple." She and Emily worked on this together and it turned out really tasty.  Next time, I want them to try it with a cream cheese frosting.

I also finished hand sewing this pillow cover.  I made it out of linen like dinner napkins, purchased at Target in a set of four.  It is a tad more yellow, not gold in person.  I love it in the living room with the blue accents and yellow walls.  

It makes me happy to keep my home.  What kinds of projects have you been working on?


  1. I'm with Tim, real wood furniture is the only way to go. I think I need to get myself a bottle of that oil/beeswax. Your furniture looks great!

    The bread and the cake look great! I'd never tasted red velvet cake until this past year. I know some who go crazy for it, but personally I hate the thought of all that food coloring. To each his own!

  2. Everything looks lovely! We don't have much real wood furniture unfortunately which is a pity, because I actually LOVE to polish:) Your bread and cake look scrumptious too! Don't you just LOVE homemade bread, I think I'll be making a batch Sunday for the Hubby's lunches. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, God Bless!

  3. Thanks for sharing about the lemon oil/beeswax ~ your furniture looks wonderful! I love wood furniture too!

    I love how you made a pillow cover from a dinner napkin ~ so creative and will look so pretty in your new springy home! Everything is so lovely, Deanna!



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