Beauty All Around

 I am loving Spring.  This past week we have gone from having 80+ degree sunshiny weather to a mostly cloudy 70 degree day.  It feels quite chilly out.  Everywhere I look there is something beautiful to look at.  My favorite peonies in my cottage garden are coming along nicely and will bloom in the next few weeks.

 Lottie was wandering around, too.  We met up in the driveway.

 Tim is grinding stumps out in the pasture this morning. This area is going to be an arena for the girls to ride and train the horses.  Lindsay will also use it for giving riding lessons.  I am thankful for a husband who is able to do many things.  I know our kids are too!

 I love the wild violets that grow in our yard.  I know that many people will think I am nuts, but when you live in the country you can't keep out every weed from your yard.  I love the way the violets look.  Very sweet.

 A few years ago we planted hostas and irises and other plants along the creek, tucked into the trees.  It is really pretty all summer, and even now in the Spring even though nothing is in bloom yet.

 This is a beautiful white climbing rose.  The blooms are small and sweet.

 My lilacs are in bloom!  

 My two bushes have the pale purple blooms, but in the future I would love to get the deeper purple ones.  What ever the color, they are all beautiful and smell divine!

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Enjoy!


  1. I just posted something similar! Except I don't own chickens. :)

    I LOVE the little violets in my yard but hubby hates them. He's using a little of the money he is making by working at the bookstore a week to get our yard sprayed... staying away from the garden area... just because of those beautiful violets.

    That's what you get when you marry a city boy.

  2. I love hostas and I love your peonies. They smell like roses.

    It has been an interesting Spring so far.

  3. Wow, you seem so far ahead of us, season-wise.

    Our first daffodil just opened on Easter-I think we're still weeks away from the lilacs. I'll be watching, though. Maybe they'll be here sooner than I think. Here's hoping!

  4. I can hardly wait for the flowers to open up and for leaves to grow on the trees again....we had a warm day yesterday, but it was so windy it was hard to tell it was actually warmer than the day before!!!


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