Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bit Of Autumn Decor

 Thought I would show you my Autumn decor.  This is the view from kitchen counters - I am standing on the countertop.
 I love this space above the cabinets.  Isn't the plate nice?  I love the color.  Want to know a secret?  It's a paper plate!


 Rachel did the whole space over the cabinets and I think she did a great job!

 I have just a bit of decor on the piano...I love the red popcorn.


The light is not good in the hallway but I wanted to show you this wreath hanging.  Sarah has her raincoat here and it looks like her shoes are there too!  The yarn in the basket makes me happy.  Emily and I have begun knitting again!  

Hurray for Autumn!


  1. Your Autumn decorations are beautiful! We are slowly putting ours out too! Have a blessed rest of the week~

  2. OK. That DOES it! I've got to get mine out. I agree - the above-the-cupboard space is really nice!

  3. Such pretty fall touches! Love the plate (~grin~) and the red popcorn. Kudos to you and Rachel! (I love when kids get excited about decorating!)

  4. ingenious using a pretty paper plate. love it. love all your decorations ..

    we're still experiencing 95 degree afternoons. hard to think of autumn yet. sigh. soon though! hoping.

  5. It is chilly and rainy here today which made looking at your lovely autumn decor even more wonderful.....I LOVE the red popcorn with the star in the glass holder.

    So pretty!

  6. I want to get a few fall decorations for our entryway, maybe a wreath and some potted mums:). Love what you have out! Fall is one of my favorite times of year!

  7. Your house is lovely! The decorations look wonderful....I love the changing seasons!

  8. Ok, I was cracking up that you were standing on your counter to take your pics!

    You have such a welcoming home and your fall decorations are lovely.

  9. Love it all! I can hardly wait to decorate myself. Rachel did great work! Cayden says, "oh look at all those pretty flowers!" :-)

  10. I must admit it is feeling a little like Fall in Texas too. I love your decorations and it is motivating me to do something this weekend. I love the basket of yarn!



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