A Spontaneous Road Trip

It was one of those days where you have a cold and are thinking about taking a nap at 10 in the morning.  But then you realize that it will be 2 weeks before your husband has another day off, and that the weather is lovely, and it's still kind of my birthday, not really, but why not take the weekend to celebrate, and we have no other plans.  We called my parents and they are interested in be spontaneous, so we quickly packed a lunch, changed clothes and headed out.

We went all the way to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  It was chilly and beautiful.  

I was whipped by the time we got here.  The overall trip was longer than my body could handle, but I am resting today and am on the mend.


  1. Beautiful family; your mom is gorgeous!

    I think the happiest times happen out of the blue :)

  2. Beautiful views to help you feel better! Sending HUGS and prayers your way!

  3. Gosh it is so pretty where you live. I love this time of year and one needs to get out before the super cold kicks in!! Clarice

  4. I do relate to an adventure wearing out the body. That's what happens to me. Still, I yearn to do something spontaneous like this. It seems that we don't do it at all anymore.

    Hmmm. Might be what the doctor ordered.

  5. Now this is just what moms do... Hope that you are resting to kick that cold and don't forget echinacea. I might wear a little sign with that on it...perhaps make one for my blog. i feel like a parrot.

    It sure looked like a brisk and beautiful autumn day!


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