Sewing: Working On A Christmas Gift

I've been planning this project for quite sometime, but finally got around to going through my fabric stash today.

I thought I'd end up with pinks and purple but I ended up with pinks, reds, and brown.
 I took this photo tonight and the colors aren't exactly right, even with editing.

This one is much truer.

I love how it came together.  Now I have to get the backing, I'm thinking flannel, and the batting.  

I'm breathing a sigh of relief to have this part finished!


  1. It's a pretty combination of fabrics and colors! The recipient is certain to love it!

  2. You should not have shown me my Christmas gift...

  3. Beautiful:) Love the colors! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS

  4. It's SO attractive! I'm feeling warmer just THINKING about the finished product :)

  5. I wonder how big that is! You must be a good quilter!

  6. It's a lovely combination of colours. Phyllis' comment makes me smile.

  7. I love the colors. I have never made a quilt. The thought is very romantic to me, and in my head I imagine myself as a quilter. Then, I remember what a battle it is just to thread a regular old needle these days. (really!!) and think of how I need only to glance at the sewing machine to manage to break it somehow, and I decided that God didn't call me to quilt fabric. Words, maybe, but not fabric.


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