Music: Lessons and Practicing

One thing we have done for our kids is allow them to take lessons for playing an instrument.  

Nate was our first with guitar.  I miss hearing him play!  Lindsay and Emma were next with piano, but Lindsay liked the violin better and switched to that.  Rachel took piano for a year, and has now playing the cello for the past two years.  Sarah has done a bit of piano over the last few years, very casually with friends, and loves it.  So we sought a more permanent teacher and found just the right one - our son in law Joseph!  He and Lindsay come by one night a week, I feed them dinner and Joseph gives Sarah a lesson.  They are both enjoying it very much.

See Sarah's notebook sticking out behind her music book?  Joseph writes practice squares for her to check off and how long to practice certain things.  She loves this - it satisfies her little OCD heart to check off those boxes!

Rachel takes cello every week, also.  Rachel is naturally gifted and so gets a tad lazy about practicing.  I'm trying to be better about helping her not to procrastinate.  (smile)

Kyle wants to learn the bagpipes.  Seriously.  I may look into it.  But not yet.  We may start with a chanter.

 Do you play an instrument?


  1. Good for the kiddos! I play piano (a little). When my Sister was taking lessons as a child, I watched and learned! I took accordion lessons and violin lessons but didn't learn to play either one very well! I think everyone needs to play something:) Enjoy your evening dear friend, HUGS!

  2. I don't play. My two oldest play the piano and a little bit on the guitar. Not sure when little man will be ready to learn. :-)

    I grew up going to the Bagpipe festival in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. I always loved listening to them. That would be a fun instrument to learn. :-)

  3. I took piano lessons for years and then I quit. Unfortunately I play "by ear" so reading music has gotten harder for me. I'm trying now to work on some pieces I played before I quit, thinking it will be good for my brain to read the music and learn it again.

    Playing by ear is an interesting thing and I wonder if it's passed down genetically. My father played that way and I have at least one cousin that does, and his dad did too. I also played the cello for about two years! My dad played the cello, piano and trombone. Their's was a musical family.


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