Beauty After The Storm

 Our woods.  This area is beautiful in the autumn as well.  

 We moved the chickens to the bigger coop and have it fenced so they can go into the barn.  This was to get them acclimated to the new coop, but turned out to be great timing with this storm.  They can go from the coop into the shelter of the barn.  In the old set up in the dog run they would have been completely exposed.  They mostly stayed in their coop yesterday though.
 Kyle having fun in the front garden.  He has not found his snow board yet, but when he does he's going to have a blast!
 This is as far as the front screen door can open.

But looking up out of the kitchen door and you'll see this hanging over your head!

Here is a video from the door at the deckOnce the driveway is cleared I'll go outside for more photos.  A neighbor loaned us his snowblower so that will make quick work of the driveway!

I had planned to have these photos up much sooner, but well, life happened.  I made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, we had some family worship time.  Now I'm making lunch, and we might have some friends in for games.  The roads have been plowed now so that makes it easier to get around.

Were any of you in the storm?  How did it go for you?  


  1. The snow is beautiful around your house and the sky SO blue:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. The white white snow and the blue blue sky...a beautiful combination. Love that pic of Kyle! Praying that he finds that snowboard soon.

  3. Gorgeous and cold.....I think I'm not missing the snow! Please stay warm!

  4. The snow has created some beautiful scenery there at your place. That mound of snow over the door looks foreboding! Let us know who the victim is! :D

    Poor Kyle! Hope he finds his snowboard before it's too late to use it!


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