First Snow

 It was a pretty little snow in the evening.  This morning there was some left on the ground but very sparse.  We are okay with that.
Vee showed her pretty tree in her kitchen window, and I wanted to show you the one I still have up.  Winter Tree is what Vee calls her tree and I like it.

After the last two winters, we are happy to have a milder one over all, though the temperatures are very cold.

Tim and I went to breakfast today.  It was a working breakfast as we are discussing his businessWe are very encouraged by some excellent mentoring he's been getting and some real direction.  Contacts being made and work coming in.  Many good things.  Right now we are having a website built, and a logo and brand made.  

The mild weather has allowed Tim to keep working pretty steadily through the winter.

What's the weather like where you are?  Milder or colder than last year?




  1. waaaaaay warmer than last year! :)

  2. No snow here. We moved to the south from the Midwest in August. This will be the first time we haven't had a snow yet in 15 years.

  3. It has been cold here for the past week but warming up again this weekend:) The snow is SO pretty, love the Winter tree! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Pretty tree. Reading you and Vee is convincing me such a tree is a nice idea, especially as the days grow dark so early.

  5. Although we've had some cold days recently, overall this winter has been considerably milder than the past two.

    It must be a thrilling/nerve wracking thing to be starting a business! It is good that Tim has direction, help, and (that all-important thing in business) work! May the Lord continue to provide!

  6. We have had a good deal more moisture-rain. Otherwise a bit warmer. I do love snow and miss it a bit.

  7. Oh I like your winter tree...very cute. I've even been seeing Valentine trees. A little imagination can make them anything. I really liked my twinkling lights through the last snowstorm. I also noticed that my neighbor still has some charming lights up. Looked so pretty in the snow. Are you expecting more snow over the weekend? We are.


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