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All of my adult children are married now.
This morning Kay dropped Kamryn off and while we were hanging out in the living room snuggled under blankets, I heard a car door and then my kitchen door opened.  It was Lindsay.  I hadn't known she was coming by but she decided to come and work with the horses a bit.  

First though, she had a cup of tea, then another as we settled in for a good chat about the house, gardening, budgets, plans.  We looked at seeds, to check if we needed to place an order this year, talked about a youtube video series that they watch.  Nothing spectacular yet wonderful none the less.  I made her my version of Trim Healthy Mama's GGMS (good girl moonshine!). She liked it.

Here's my recipe - 

1 TBS ACV (apple cider vinegar) with the mother.  I use Braggs.
1/2 TBS ginger juice
frozen berries
1/2 - 1 TBS Cherry extract
1-1 1/2 quarts of water sometimes two quarts
1-2 TBS sweetener.  I use either THM's Gentle Sweet (which is erithrytol, stevia and xylitol) or Pyure (which is organic stevia and erithrytol).

Blend together and enjoy!  It's good and for the first time ever, I found myself craving it yesterday!  What a shock!  I'm enjoying my journey of learning to eat foods that are healthy and tasty and satisfying.  This drink can be modified, some people add sparkling water or they use flavored 'sodas' that are sweetened with stevia like Zevia brand.

 I've enjoyed Pay Off Day candies this week (which are a version of homemade Payday candy bars, but without the sugar!) and Skinny Chocolate.  You can find many of these recipes on Pinterest.

I'm trying to kick start my weight loss again, after months of a stall, and eating some crossovers and off plan a bit over the holidays.

I'm motivated to continue to lose, but also to eat these healthy delicious foods that nourish my body, and make me healthy, strong and vibrant!




  1. well that looks absolutely delicious!
    i suppose one needs to be involved in this food plan to understand the 'Greek' terms in your post. ;) i love that your married adult daughter showed up this morning. makes my heart so happy for you. :)

  2. Those adult woman to woman conversations are so sweet. The dynamic definitely changes and deepens. Not sure about your drink...; >

  3. Sounds delicious. I wouldn't know where to begin finding some of those ingredients (traditional shopper that I am)..... I AM with you on the "kick-starting" the weight loss plan :)

    How sweet to have had unexpected time/conversation with your daughters ♥

  4. So nice she is nearby to drop in!

  5. What an interesting sounding recipe! I am big on smoothies these days. Have been experimenting with avocado smoothies lately, and some with spinach in them, too. I'm with you, learning to eat healthier has been lots of fun. Gone are the days when I'd whip up a batch of cookies whenever the mood struck me :)


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