Headed Home

We have enjoyed these days away.  I've needed them.

Tim has made us breakfast every morning, we've eaten out, I've eaten off plan one meal a day, we visited Colonial Williamsburg (didn't stay long - it was super crowded), went to the Glass Blowing at Jamestown, and we drove the 5 mile loop around Jamestown Island.  We always get out and walk to the end of the island and toss rocks into the James River.

Otherwise we've walked on the property, read, watched a movie, read some more.  We've used all the fireplaces in the house, except the one in the guest bedroom.  We've eaten breakfast by the fire in the kitchen everyday.  

It's been wonderful.

Now I am preparing to head home.  My plans are for a quiet January.  What does this mean?  Well, it means no big events to plan, no places that I have to go.  Just places I want to go, friends I want to see, and lots of home keeping.

If they haven't done it already, Sarah is moving into Emma's old bedroom.  She and Rachel have always shared a room and they are beyond excited to have their own rooms!

Initially, this just means Sarah moving out of their shared room and into the empty one.  They'll arrange furniture etc, but we won't do any painting until late spring or summer.

In Kyle's room, I want to get some better organization going for 'Lego World.'  That's what I call his room in my mind.  It has been overtaken by Legos, and it is a small room, so some thought needs to go into the storing of the Legos.

I'm thinking that the Christmas decor will come down sometime this week, and we do start back our school days on Monday.  We have done 97 days out of 180 already, and are on track to finish in late April.  Rachel is graduating at our state convention this May.  Very exciting times!

I've enjoyed my time away, but I am looking forward to home, and being with my family.  I am thankful for each one!



  1. seems to me january will be blessed quiet for you and yours compared to the flurry of celebration on many fronts. :)

  2. Just lost a comment so will let it go...an epic...happy homegoing! That's where all your favorite people are or most of them.

  3. As much as we love to GO and get away - we're always ready to come HOME!!
    Your vacation sounds simply perfect as does your plans for January! Your year is already off to a good start!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I've enjoyed lots of treats and visiting, but am happy to get back to more healthy eating -- off plan lots -- reading, writing and the gym. Wishes for all things happy and healthy in 2016!

  5. It's always good to get home with fresh plans thought about while away!

  6. It is nice to get away but ALWAYS good to get back home:) Enjoy your day and week ahead dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Happy returning :)
    It's been awhile since we've gotten away, but I remember that familiar "readiness to return" feeling that sets in toward the end of vacation time...
    There really IS no place like home ♥

  8. Happy Belated Happy Anniversary wishes, Deanna, Your celebration sounds wonderful, and much needed as you certainly have had a busy year! You sound refreshed and ready for the New Year, I've always found that getting away for a few days is like a spring tonic!~smile~
    Wishing you many continued blessings in this New Year!


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