Winter Storm Jonas

Well, it's tapering off now.  The wind is still gusting outside and that is causing a lot of drifting.

It's just about 10 pm and I just took these photos.

 The kitchen door.
 Look whose out there.  Actually, the stoop was shoveled off earlier today and the deck, and a few spots where he could do his business.  He also has a temporary little box, which he's not interested in using - he wants to go outside but doesn't like it!
 You can tell that it's been drifting. It's hard to know just how much snow we actually got.  It is still lightly snowing too.
 The cars are parked at the end of the driveway.  That way we don't have to shovel the whole thing, just a path to the cars and around the cars.  Many people today shoveled multiple times only to have those nice empty spaces filled back up!
 In the front garden.  See that peak?  It is the top of the little snow mound that piled up in the birdbath.  
 Lots of drifting....but deep snow everywhere!
 I'll get more photos tomorrow.  Its supposed to clear and be sunny.  Church is canceled, so we'll shovel out a bit and have a relaxing day.


  1. Wow. I have been in many of those storms in the past. I have never thought about parking at the end of the drive! Brilliant!!!!

  2. We park at the end of the drive too but a lot melted yesterday. Your snow looks amazing and if they sun is out Sunday I'm sure everything will be extra bright.

  3. You sure have a winter wonderland there!! Enjoy your relaxing day. Stay warm and cozy there at Creekside Cottage!!


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