Prayers Appreciated

Rachel's dog was hit last night.  We don't know what she was hit by, as the person who hit her did not stop.  A neighbor is a vet tech and she checked her out and helped us get her comfortable, and gave her pain mess. Sadie, the dog, is doing really well, but may have a broken leg.  The other issue is that she hasn't urinated for a while.  This is important.

We would appreciate your prayers for Sadie, and for Rachel.  She and I slept with Sadie last night.


  1. Prayers for Sadie! Let us hear how she is:) HUGS!

  2. Always a tragedy when our furbabies are injured, I hope Sadie will be OK Deanna.

  3. just prayed! when our fur babies are hurt, we hurt. :(
    i trust you'll be visiting the vet today...?

  4. Absolutlely praying for Sadie and for Rachel and all.

  5. Aww! I am so sorry,.... prayers for Sadie! and for Rachel.

  6. Sadie is such a sweet dog. I'm so very sorry this happened and hope she heals well.


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