Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chalk Paint Class

Lindsay and I took an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class last night.  It was so much fun and informative.

I've used ASCP several times before, watched her YouTube channel and talked with friends who've used this paint, and I still learned things in class last night.

I learned layering techniques, mixing colors, used 6 different colors.  I tried out colors that I haven't used before but that I've had my eye on.  I also learned about finishing a project, using clear and dark wax, and all about when to use shellac before painting, or to finish off certain projects with lacquer.

I loved it!
 We took our class at Fresh Vintage by Amy in Strasburg.  I love this store!  My friend Amy owns this store, and it is a warm and welcoming place.  Val works there and taught our class last night.  She's delightful.

 I have more projects lined up here at home.  A table, a bookcase, two bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets.  Now I really have the confidence to tackle these projects, the only problem will be to decide on colors!

If you have been interested in trying out chalk paint but it seems intimidating, take a class!  Its so worth it.  We had a great time too, with the other two ladies in our class Laura and Jen.

I know Sherry at {& wear}Pearls uses ASCP and has done many different projects with it.  Have you used chalk paint at all and what do you think about it?  Have you taken a class?




  1. soo glad you enjoyed the class! love your samples.. i spy antibes green? at the shop i work at, one tip we use there in mixing colors (before mixing with actual paint) is this website::: and, i love introducing folks to ASCP at the shop and always tell them *it will change your life*!!!

  2. What a dream for me. I would love to take a class like this. I have so many things I would like to create but I am nervous because of not really knowing techniques. Excited to see your projects when you do them.

  3. Good for you to take a class. I'm about to do the cabinet our TV sits upon but its a daunting task just thinking about disconnecting all the cords, etc. Once it's ready it should be quick.

  4. Now that I've found a dealer not that far from here, I would love to do a few
    projects starting with some small occasional vintage tables that belonged to my grandparents. Right. Everything here belongs to my grandparents. If they turn out nicely, I'd like to work on the china cabinet inside and out. Inside is so dark I can't find anything. Either that or I'd just like to buy a new one at the flea market. They are selling some for under $50! I would have to take my classes on You Tube. It certainly looks as if there was a lot to learn and that you had a great time. Feeling better?

  5. Do you have a photo to show off what you made in the class?


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