Count Your Blessings

I have been so encouraged by the many blessings I have in my life, and in the midst of the madness that is going on in the world, I want to name of a few of them.  

I know for us all it is easy to focus on the negative things, but scripture tells us that God inhabits the praise of His people.  I know that my spirits are lifted when I focus on His goodness, so here are a few of the many blessings in my life.

1. My family.  Raising a family is not an easy task, and we didn't always do things in the best way.  We often were following a 'formula' of child rearing instead of being spirit-led.  God graciously has blessed us with loving relationships with all of our kids and their spouses.  I don't take this gift lightly.  Ever.

2. Work.  In this first winter of self-employment, God has been supplying work to meet our needs, as well as encouragement and direction

3. The Honeymooners are home and doing well.  It was fun to hang out with them for a few hours yesterday.

4. Our church fellowship.  God has given us a small but close church fellowship.  We are all so different from each other, but we care about each other and help each other out.  It is such a blessing.

5. Our health.  God has blessed us with very good health.  Other than some colds, we are well.  Our parents are doing very well, too!

I could go on and on.  I really could.  I don't want you to think that we never have problems or never struggle.  We do.  Being self-employed has brought some anxious moments, but it has built our faith and strengthened it.  

I believe that we must practice looking for the good things, the blessings.  And we need to talk about them and give thanks for them.   We should encourage each other in the face of hard times, by recounting His faithfulness.

Scenes from Sunday afternoon -

 Many rounds of Egyptian Rat Race were played.  Lots of talk.  Our sons in law get a long famously with each other.

 These two.  You never know if they are going to give me smirks, the eyebrow raising or a smile.  Don't you love the table?  Leftovers from lunch, My Little Pony's...
 The faces for photos runs in the family.  I couldn't get them to give me a 'nice' face.  ha ha

 Ah!  One from Kyle!  Go figure!  He's usually my goof ball in photos.
 Happy Chatter.  

Kay was working, Lindsay home with a cold.  We caught Emma up on Downton, and showed the Sherlock, as well.  

More blessings.  They are endless if we look with eyes to see.

How about you?  Want to name a few of your blessings?  I'd love to hear them!   



  1. Our blessings run along the same line as yours. It seems the simpler our lives, the more we have to be thankful for - and our lives are rather simple and basic. My major blessings right now center around the time spent with my parents (Mother in nursing home; Dad still living independently. I'm SO thankful that I am healthy enough to do this and that my heart is 100% in it ♥ By the way, I'm going to look up the rules to Egyptian Rat Race. We're huge game players here - and my father enjoys games, too.

  2. I go to sleep....counting my blessings...lovely post Deanna. I am still heartbroken for your poor fun baby...hugs!

  3. One of my blessings is visiting you! It is fun to see your family doing things together and having fun. I can't believe that Kyle gets labeled a goofball for giving you a smile! A nice one, too. =D And I can't believe that Tim is giving you the "stink eye." LOL!

  4. Here I thought Kyle was playing the piano, but not after a closer look. Guess that's the place he could find with everyone there. Are your newlyweds going to be near you or moving away? It's true if you look, you find many gifts to be grateful for.

  5. Surrounded by many blessings, I am thankful too! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  6. Near the top of my blessing list tonight is my brand new granddaughter!! ♥ And then there's the fact that my son and his family are moving this week!!

    Oh, there are lots to count...

  7. YES! So much to be thankful for.


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